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At DAR both Restaurant Cocktail Bar we like to use the beautiful space to program activities & events for the fun and joy of our guests. Some events like Friday DJ's are regularly planned. Others, instead are special events only programmed one or few days.

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Current Events


From Ascension to Mother’s Day: join our extended brunch

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Join us for a delicious brunch from Thursday, May 9th, to Sunday, May 12th, between 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM. Enjoy our tasty dishes and the company of loved ones. Don't miss our special Mother's Day packages, a great way to celebrate moms!

Friday Beats

Every Friday join us at our Cocktail Bar for our live DJ sessions starting every Friday at 7pm.


To add a night-out touch, at our cool space with magic Moroccan ambience we host vibrant live music sessions with some of the most creative & artsy up and coming local DJ's. Every Friday we host a different DJ: check out our plan posted in Instagram for more information.

And don't miss out on our Friday Beats drink specials: with every DJ we will be offering a different cocktail inspired in the evening vibes.

During the month of June we will honour the pride celebration with LGTBQIA+ DJ's. More info about our special June events coming...

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Past Events

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29th, 30th
& 31st

This year, we are expanding brunch to special occasions! We hosted extended Easter brunch from Friday, March 29th, to Sunday, March 31st, 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM.


Our team comprises over 65% women, making International Women's Day a significant celebration for us. In fact, it's so important that we decided to extend the celebration throughout the entire month!

This month's by-the-glass lineup proudly featured wines exclusively crafted by women producers.

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Friday Beats

Every Friday DAR Cocktailbar hosts vibrant live music sessions with some of the most creative & artsy up and coming local DJ's.

During Women's month (March) we had a full Female line-up!

Klimatag 2023

How to eat for the planet

On the occasion of Climate Day in October 28th, we hosted guests speakers on the topic of "sustainable nutritional concepts" and talked about the influence our diet has on the climate. 

Representatives of Tsuku and Solawi Halde elaborated on our consumption behavior, compared animal vs plant-based nutrition, showed good examples around the world and proposed possible solutions for a better consumption pattern.

Guests had the chance to try some of the plant-based iconic creations from DAR while becoming aware of the CO2 footprint they were generating. They also had the chance to compare it to a traditional meat-based similar dish.

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